Letters of Concern

Letters expressed various concerns about the house at 532 Mowbray Arch. The author(s?) of these letters are to be commended for affording the owners of 532 Mowbray Arch the opportunity to address these concerns. Below are two of these letters, which can be clicked on and read in their entirety along with answers to the concerns they express:


December 2012
February 2013


Legal Letters

Below are letters from a lawyer, and supported by a renowned engineer. These letters made various claims and predictions about the construction of the house at 532 Mowbray Arch, but none of these predictions came to pass. Also below, a letter from a deputy city attorney for the City of Norfolk in response to one of the lawyer's letters:



Planning Commission Shenanigans

At a meeting of the City Planning Commission, things were said by a future member of the City Council... and a recusal request, then a FOIA request, was made:

See entire text of the letter