Hague Flooding During Superstorm Sandy

Sunday Night, October 28, 2012

Tide washes over dip in the street (which seems to be centered in the vicinity of 530 Mowbray Arch):

530 Mowbray Arch


Monday Morning, October 29, 2012

The Hague overflows its bulkheads:

Hague Overflows


Extent of flooding on the lot:


Lot roughly half under water:

530 Mowbray Arch


Looking down Mill Street toward the Hague:

Sandy Lot


Next-door neighbors will be using their back door today:


From across the Hague:

Hague Overflows


Brambleton Avenue and theTide tracks (one tide shuts down another):

Sandy Brambleton


Mowbray Arch looking westward:

Mowbray Arch West during Hurricane Sandy


Mowbray Arch at Colonial Avenue:

Hurricane Sandy - Mowbray and Colonial


Dundaff Street (across the Hague from Mowbray):

Hurrican Sandy - Dundaff Street


Stockley Gardens next to Christ and Saint Luke's Church:

Hurricane Sandy - Stockley Gardens


Nothing New

This photo was taken after the hurricane of 1933 at the intersection of Mowbray and Mill. The stair structure to the left of the young women in it was from one of the old townhouses that used to occupy the lots at 530 Mownray Arch:


Original 530 townhouses — bulit for high water:


October 9, 2014

Low point of Mowbray Arch after a heavy rain: