The Trials of Building a New House

A Lawyer Warns about Trespass, Damages, Lawsuits, etc., etc.

All hell seemed poised to break loose, according to this lawyer, yet none of the dire things he warned about came to pass. For example, contrary to his predictions about pile driving, that alleged catastrophic endeavor was accomplished without any damages to any neighboring properties or trespass thereon — oh, and no injunction, no lawsuit, none of that threatened legal stuff occurred, either.

However, there was a minor glitch in the pile driving. It seems that the engineering consultant for this lawyer's clients just happened to phone his friend, the owner of the pile driving company that had agreed to do the job. This thoughtful engineer managed to convince this pile driving company owner that he would be embroiled in a lawsuit if he proceeded. So the pile driving compny owner backed out of doing the pile driving at the last minute. This inconvenience caused a month-long construction delay and cost the people simply trying to build themselves a new homean extra $5,000 in expenses to line up a new pile driving company.

By the way, the house that the complaining neighbor(s) live in was built using the same kind of driven timber piles that they and their lawyers seemed so worried about:

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The City of Norfolk's Response

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