532 Mowbray Arch

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Grade Beams

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Clearing the site so that excavation for the steel and concrete grade beams can begin:

Site Preparation


Excavation for the new foundation unearthed the remains of old brick foundations probably belonging to the garages that previously occupied the lot. These foundation walls were 13 inches thick and there were brick floors:


Historical Architecture


Removing the rubble produced by the excavation, including bricks and timbers from the old previous foundation:



Hauling off the "spoils" (excavated materials):



Adding gravel bed to seat grade beams:

Adding Gravel


Removing excess pile tops:

Removing Excess Pile Tops


Digging trenches for grade beams:

Digging Trenches


Form materials delivered to site:

Form Materials Delivered


South-side trench completed:

South-side Trench Completed


South Trench


Pumping out the rain water:

Pumping Water


Pumping Water


Trenching nearly done:

Tre3nching Nearly Done



Setting forms for the grade beams:

Form Setting


Full crew:

Full Crew


Alignment lines:

Alignment Lines


Form work continues:

Form Work Continues


Form detail (like building a maze):

Form Detail


Forming nearly complete:

Forms Nearly Complete


Turret foundation form in place:

Turret Form


Putting in the last of the gravel:

Last of the Gravel



First steel delivered. There will be approximately 15 tons of steel:

First Steel Delivered


Unloading more steel (the backbones of the grade beams):

Unloading Steel


Cages of tied steel rebar waiting to go into the hole:

Steel Waiting


Steel placed in the hole. Looks strong:

Steel in Hole


Worker cuts length of rebar with steel work nearly complete:

Cutting Steel


Turret steel:

Turret Steel


Steel in place and approved by the structural engineers:

Steel in Place


Concrete Pour

A sunny day with three concrete trucks at site. There will be about 72 cubic yards of concrete:

Concrete Trucks


Pouring concrete:

Pouring Concrete




Pouring in turret area:

Pouring in Turret Area


Pumping concrete into tight spots:

Pumping Concrete


Finishing touches, trowel work:

Trowel Work


Concrete grade beams poured:

Pour Complete


Concrete samples waiting to be tested:

Concrete Samples


Stripping Forms

Pulling up stakes:

Form Removal


Form removed around turret:

Form Removed Around Turret


Handy with the scoop!

The "Kubot" at work lifting out a form section:




Excavating for the crawl space slab:

Excavating and Filling


Fill around grade beams:



Finishing up fill:

Finishing Fill


Vertical Rebars

Installing remaining vertical rebars as masons begin work:

Vertical Rebar


Measuring for additional vertical rebars to be epoxied in:

Measureing for Rebars


Drilling holes for vertical rebars:

Drilling Holes for Rebar


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