532 Mowbray Arch

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Pinnacle Masonry Sign

Pinnacle Masonry


Blocks Arrive

Stacking blocks on site:

Block Delivery



Brick and block lines on finished grade beams:

Brick Lines


Brick/Block Lines around chimney:

Brick Lines around Chimney


Block Laying

Masons begin work as concrete workers finish installing vertical rebar:

Masons Start as Concrete Workers Finish


Block laying around front porch:

Block Laying Begins


Walls taking shape:

Blocks Beginning


Turret blocks:

Turret Blocks


Turret Blocks


Block foundation ready for slab work:

Block Foundation Ready for Slab Work


Block laying resumes after slab pour:

Block Laying Resumes


Steel vertical extensions tied in:

More Steel Verticals


Working in a tangle of rebars:

Tangle of Rebar


Flood vent spaces set:

Flood Vents Spaces


Castle with full moat (after the latest thunderstorm):

Castle and Moat


Concrete pump:

Concrete Pump


Pumping grout into block cells:

Pumping Grout


Trowel work:

Trowel Work


Grout in cells:

Cell Grout


Blocks growing again after being slowed by rains:

Blocks Growing Again


Blocks nearly to the top of crawl space:

Blocks Nearly to Their Top


The crawls space nearly complete:

Crawl Space Blocks


Blocks going up for Mill Street porch and stairway:

Side Porch Blocks


Porch and Stairs Blocks


Below-grade base for brickwork set:

Brick Base


Filling block cells to top with grout:

Final Grouting


Blocks filled with grout and rebars set:

Grout Poured and Smoothed


Engineer collects grout samples for testing:

Grout Sampling


Brickwork base grouted:

Brick Base


Foundation taking shape:

aking Shape


Sill plate anchor bolts set:

Sill Plate Anchors Set


Building block base for the main entry stairs:

Stair Blocks


Chimney Blocks

Masons start laying chimney base blocks:


Working in cramped alley:


Chimney base blocks complete

(seen from second-floor window):


From the ground:


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