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Crawl Space Slab

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Plumbers stub water and drain lines through block:

Drain Line


Pipe Stubs


Electricians stub conduit through block:

Electrical Stub In


Drain pipes filled with water, testing for leaks:

Drain Leak Test


Bed Preparation

Preparing sand bed for pouring concrete crawl space slab:

Slab Bed


Adding sand, plastic vapor barrier, and steel reinforcing mesh:

Steel Mesh



Ready for concrete pour:

Ready for Slab Pour


Sump pump well form:

Sump Pump Well Form



Slab poured:

Slab Poured


Finishing sump pump wells:

Finishing Sump Pump Wells


Slab curing:



Sawing expansion joints:

Sawing Expansion Joints


Cut joints:

Expansion Joints Cut


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