532 Mowbray Arch

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Concrete Porch Decks

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Deck Forms and Steel

Rear deck form bracing in place:

Rear Deck Form Bracing


Rear deck form bed:

Rear Porch Deck Form Bed


Front porch deck form bed:

Front Porch Deck Form Bed


Side porch deck form bracing:

Side Porch Deck Form Braciing


Front porch deck steel placed and tied:

Front Porch Deck Steel

Curiousy, while the concrete workers were placing the rebar for the front porch deck, a woman jogged by on Mowbray Arch and screamed at them, "This is going to be the ugliest structure in Ghent. You guys should be ashamed of yourselves," and she repeatedly gave them the finger.


They also finished installing the rear deck steel :

Rear Deck Steel


Front porch form finished:

Front Porch Deck Form


Ready for concrete pour:

Front Porch Form


Entry porch deck form finished:

Entry Porch Deck Form


Entry Porch Deck Form Detail



Pumping concrete for rear decks:

Concrete Deck Pumping


Finishing entry porch deck:

Entry Deck Pumping


Front porch deck:

Front Deck


Front Porch Deck


Porch deck form sides removed. Form beds and braces remain in place until concrete has fully cured:

Form Sides Stripped


Entry porch form sides removed:

Form Sides Stripped


Rear decks:

Rear Decks


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