532 Mowbray Arch

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Foundation Sill Plates

Sill plates anchored every two feet atop the masonry foundation:

Sill Plates


Scribing turret sill plate:

Scribing Turret Sill Plate


Turret sill plate installed:

Turret Sill Plate


First-Story Trusses

Prefabricated open-web trusses for the first floor delivered to site:

Trusses Delivered


Sorting trusses:

Setting Trusses


Over the crawl space:



Trusses and concrete deck slabs:

Trusses and Decks


Positioning and fastening first-floor trusses:

Truss Fastening


Ribbon boards installed. Trusses locked into place:

Ribbon Boards


First-Story Subfloor

Installing radiant-heat subfloor for first floor:







Subfloor nearly complete:


First-Story Framing

Delivering plywood sheathing to construction site:

Lumber Delivery


Framing layout:

Layout Work


Framing begins:



First story going up:

First Floor Going Up


Temporary bracing:

Teporary Bracing


First-story sheathing:



Working in the tight alleyway:

Alley Work


Shearwall hold downs fastened to foundation:

Shear Wall Hold Downs


Hold-down bolt passing through truss:

Hold Down Bolt


More trusses delivered:

Trusses Delivered


Rear second-story trusses (joists for second floor) set:


Second-story rear overhang:


Second-story trusses mostly in place:

(The "skinny" house starting to look roomier.)



Delivering second-story subfloor:


Finishing first-story framing:


Turret first story framed:


Turret framing detail:

Turret Framing Detail


Second-story open-web trusses all in place:


Lifting second-story subfloor:

Lifting Subfloor for Second Story


Subfloor plans:

Floor Plans


Floor joist hangers attached:

Joist Hanger


Attaching second-story truss ribbons:

Attaching Truss Ribbon


Second-story subfloor nearly complete:

Second-Story Subfloor


Turret sheathing:

Turret Sheathing


Second-Story Framing

Second-story framing begins:


Turret rising:


Second-story subfloor installed over steel beams:


Second-floor view:


Framing second-story:


Second-story framing nearly complete:


Tropical Storm Karen puts construction on hold:


Third-story truss package delivered:


High tide plus Tropical Storm Karen, 2:18 pm:


Rains stop. Third-story trusses being set:


Third-story trusses nearly complete:


Plywood sheathing added to interior shear walls:


Third-Story Framing

Third-floor subfloor is installed:


Third-floor view:


Third-story walls starting up:


View from Mill Street:


Third-story framing progresses:


Turret taking shape:


Turret top support:


Third-story walls nearly framed:


Installation of third-floor ceiling joists begins:


Roof Framing

Third-floor ceiling joists complete:


Attic-level work:


Top of gambrel roof framed:


Dormers and roof and wall sheathing mostly complete:



Another house in the row:


Shear wall straps added:


Hurricane straps added to attic joists and rafters:


Attic space — or flying saucer landing bay?


Framing Palladian window overlooking Mill Street entry:


Third-floor front windows:


Third-floor window view:


Front porch roof framing:



Wrapping house with Tyvek weatherproofing:


Besieged by ladders. Finishing up the weatherproofing:


Working in the cold:


Screwing down warmboard subfloor:


Building temporary stairs:


Three-story stairwell with temporary staircase:


Installing pocket door jambs:


Chimney Framing

Chimney framing rises above its block base:


Chimney framed to the top:



Framing the Main Entry

On Mill Street side of the house:


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