532 Mowbray Arch

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Steel Beams

Diversified Repairs


Second-Story Supporting Steel

Steel workers' truck:

Steel Work Truck


Crane arrives:



Cutting steel beams:

Cutting Steel


Hoisting steel beams:

Hoisting Steel


Hoisting Steel


Lifting Steel


Welding beams:

Welding Steel


All joints welded:


Steel beams in place to support second-story overhang (over entry porch) and cantilevered floor around interior spiral staircase:




Welder adding finishing touches:


Steel tube supporting second-story floor:


Third-Story Supporting Steel

Crane returns:


Cutting steel:


Hoisting steel:


Steel arc waiting to be hoisted and welded in place:


Third-story supporting steel installed:


More welding:


Turret Top Supporting Steel

Crane returns again:


More welding:




Turret top supporting steel in place:



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