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See Video Fly-Thru of the House


Steven from DroneVideoNow.com was doing a commercial flyover video shoot in the neighborhood when he noticed the construtction going on at 532 Mowbray Arch. So he approached the owners of the property about doing a promotional flyover and even a fly-through. Their first question was, Are you sure you can fly that thing through the windows?


December 30, 2013

Demonstrating the "fly"-thru technique.

Spoiler alert: While the drone actually flies all over the place outside the house, it gets carried (duh!) on the end of a pole through the house (and only appears to fly through). So neither the drone nor the house was damaged during the making of this video:


Drone resting on the warm board subfloor:


Preparing the drone for flight:


Ready for take off:


Drone flying over Mill Street.


Careful to avoid the tangle of overhead wires. Also scrupulously careful to avoid any incursion into neighbors' airspace:


High over Mowbray Arch. The drone, which s guided by signals from six satellites, is a remarkably stable camera platform, and it gets amazing pictures. See the impressive video that it made of 532 Mowbray Arch (Video):


Third-floor fly-thru:


Curious, and colorfully attired, passersby stop to observe the drone's second launch, this time from Mill Street:


Thimk nighttime. Imagine the UFO sightings:


Ad poster suggestion — just kidding:



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