532 Mowbray Arch

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Turret Top


R. T. Atkison Building Corp.

Carpentry Contractor

R. T. Atkison Bldg. Corp.


The custom prefabricated turret top, which was built in Portsmouth, had to travel the long way around to get here, since it was too wide to pass through the tunnels. Its roof shingles, cap, and finial will be added later.

Turret top traveling down Mowbray Arch:


Turret top arives at building site where the crqne is ready:


Preparing for the lift:


Turret opening ready:


Levitating the turret:




Almost there:


Turret top secured:


Turret innards:


House finally taking shape:


New landmark on the Hague:


View from rush-hour traffic at Brambleton and Colley:


And non-rush-hour traffic:


Christmas Lights:



Post-Christmas Turret Lighting:


Finished turret top:


The Turrets of Ghent


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