532 Mowbray Arch

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Pump jack scaffolding set up to in the narrow alleyway so workers can access steep slopes of gambrel roof:


Installing weather proofing on upper slopes of gambrel roof:


Roof weather sealing complete:


Roof/Deck Membranes

Installing membrane on front porch roof:


Finished porch roof membrane:


Membrane installed on deck of rooftop mechanical well:


Roof Shingles

Synthetic slate sample shingles:


Installation of roof shingles begins:



Flashing around dormer:


Roofing the turret:


Framed by the trees:


High-level roof work:


Capping the turret roof:


Installing finial rod:


Moving from turret top to rooftop:


Synchetic slate shingles on rooftop:


Gambrel roof flashing and shingles:


Southside roof shingles nearly finished:


Main gable flashing (with anchors for stone cap):


Main gable roof complete:


Chimney flashing installed:


Chimney cap and finial in place:


Chimney cap screen installed:




Roofing north side:


Working up top:


Roof mechanical well louvers installed:


Roofers working up front:


Roofing nearly compete:


Cedar Shakes

Installing cedar shakes on dormer gables:


A completed gable:


Cedar shakes on turret:


Shakes nearly complete:




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