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Pinnacle Masonry


Sample brick panel built for brick/mortar color comparisons/selections:


First batch of bricks, plus more concrete block, delivered to construction site:


Masons prepare to begin work when weather allows:


Masons begin laying bricks:


Working in the tight "alley":


South wall taking shape:


An expansion joint forming:


A smart vent goes in (to equalize pressure on the wall durong flooding):


Building the chimney (the blocks first):


Laying front porch corners:


Air space between brick and block:


Porch corners continue upward:


Mortar joints raked to 1/2" depth (for a much more dramatic look than most modern-day brickwork):


Southside wall continues upward:


Corner step-out:


Master mason makes the bricks look like they're round.

A Flemish bond brickwork pattern for the turret lessens the faceted look:


Raking turret joints:


Rounding the corner:


Saturday, taking advantage of the great weather (60 degrees):


Bricks looking great:


Turret bricks rising:


Turret bricks, over halfway up blocks:


Installing brick ties:


Fresh bricks arrive, including darker accent bricks (in the foreground) for portions of the Flemish bond brickwork:


Stirring the mortar:


Head mason stands by his work.

Accented Flemish bond pattern under front porch:


More accented Flemish bond under dining room windows:


Another proud mason:


Moving bricks about twenty at a time:


The health conscious masons seem to have left 2/3rds of these behind:


Southside bricks rise as masons labor in tight alley. Encroaching branches from neighboring tree will soon have to be trimmed:


Bricking up the chimney in low — but not freezing — temperatures:


Chimney bricks rising — seen from above:


Raking porch front Flemish bond mortar joints:


The northside bricks:


Masons working in compact "backyard" — or as the owner calls it,

"Summertime, and the mowin' is easy":


Masons huddling:


More consultation:


Removing encroaching roots from neighboring property to make way for the backyard wall:


The backyard wall taking shape about five inches inside the property line:


Three bricks thick, plus plenty of rebar and ladder wire:


Operating the brick saw:


Cutting bricks and mixing mortar:


Masons have just enough room to squeeze their hands in to work on wall without trespassing on neighbors' property, their land ortheir airspace:


Perimeter of backyard wall taking shape:


Bricklaying for backyard wall nearly complete:


Building blocks for rear stairs:


"Good fences (and walls) make good" — or so it is said:


Masons' brick marks:


Rear stairs bricks:


Standard-size scaffolding going up for Mill Street side brickwork:


Staging bricks for when the rain stops and the temperatures rise:


Scaffolding work:


Masonry workers in their tight cage in the alley between houses:


Extra sturdy ties secure brick to wall:


Brick rising above limestone water table:


Bricks rising in perfect weather:


Northside bricks taking shape:


Bricks nearing cornice:


Bricks looking good already, but will look even better once they're cleaned:


Laying bricks around second floor, south side:


Looking down at chimney profile from second-floor level of scaffolding:


Slicing brick:


Nearing the top of the chimney:


Bricks finished. Awaiting thec himney cap:


Turret bricked:


Entry stairs bricks:


More Flemish bond brickwork:


Building the entry arch:


Entry arch complete:


Entry arch:


Palladin window brickwork:


Main gable bricks:


Nearing top of the main gable:


Min gable brickwork complete:


Washing bricks of main gable:


Flemish bond brick corbelling after washing:


Main front porch arch bricks layed out and numbered:


A completed front porch side arch with form still in place:


Finishing the front porch main arch:


All front porch arches complete:


Finishing front porch bricks:


Perfecting crawlspace door arch:


Bricking the front entry stairs:


Brick detailing:


Installing crawl space flood vents:


Smart crawl space vent in place:


Finishing brickwork on stairs:


For more masonry, see Stonework.


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