532 Mowbray Arch

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Exterior Wood Trim

Taylor'ed Woodworks



Azek synthetic-wood boards in storage:


Installing roof cornice trim:


Cutting cornice boards:


Cornice trim detail:


Finished cornice detail:


Northside cornice nearly complete:


Starting on southside cornice:


Working on southside cornice:



Finished cornice with paint and gutter:


Building turret cornice:


Turret top:




Rear deck coffered overhang:


Entry overhang coffering:



Completed coffering of entry overhang:


Laying out front porch coffered ceiling:


The framework:


Adding the trim:


Coffered ceiling complete, except for the painting:


Painted coffering:



Turret Trim

Starting third-floor turret trim:


Trim around arched turret windows complete:



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