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Heating and Cooling


Simmons Heating and Cooling




Installing flexible ducts for cooling:


Flexible duct material awaiting installation:


Cooling register installed:


Cutting holes for ducts:


Cutting rigid duct:


Rigid duct installed:


Duct bends:


Rigid ducts passing through floor:


Attic ducts in mid installation. They'll look a lot more orderly when installation is complete:


Air Conditioning Units

Installing rear attic a/c units:


Running refrigerant lines:


Installing front attic a/c units:


Running condensation lines for attic units:


Front attic ducts connected to a/c unit:


A well insulated octopus in the attic:


Rear attic ducts connected:


Connecting refrigerant lines to rear attic unit:


Air-handling unit detail:


Refrigerant lines going to roof well where condensing units will be located:


More condensation lines:


Rear attic a/c unit nearly complete at the end of day:


Tidy tools:


Refrigerant tubes with pressure guages connected in roof mechanical well:


Installing roof A/C condensing units:



Warm Board Heating System

Running copper water lines for manifolds:


Installing heating water supply and circulation tubes:


Stringing warm board tubing:


Weaving heating tubes through walls:


Pressure testing heating lines:


Thermostat wires converging in mechanical room:


Finished thermostats:


Positioning the boiler in mechanical room:


Sweating copper hot -water lines to install a manifold to to feed warm board heating tubes:


A manifold installed (with warm board tubes connected):


Temporary water heater and pump hooked up to test the warm board system:


Boiler and water heater being installed in mechanical room:


Installation nearly complete:


Heating system plumbing in mechanical room:


Checking warm board heating tubes with infrared sensor:


Tubes starting to warm up:


Standby generator lifted to roof well:



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