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Pinnacle Masonry Sign

Pinnacle Masonry


Charles Luck Stone Center


First batch of limestone arrives:


After days of freezing temperatures, masons finally get to start placing the stone:


Limestone water table course:


Starting to grout the water table stone in place:


Profile of limestone water table (lying on its side). Note the drip edge groove to its left:


Clips secure stone to wall:


Stainless steel clips grab saw cut in stone:


Setting window sill stone:


Atop scaffolding:


Brick and stone looking good:


Setting drip sill stone next to crawl space access door:


Rounded stone for turret arrives:


First-floor stone drip sill in place around turret:


Setting second-floor stone drip sill:


Most turret stone in place:


Capstones being installed on rear wall:


Front porch columns set:


Setting stones of front porch cap:


Front porch stonework complete:


Installing main gable cap stones:


Setting a main gable cap stone:


Main gable cap stones in place:


As seen from below:


Scaffolding returned to the turret:


Hauling up top turret stones:


Preparing to set turret stones:


Moving on to front stones:


Hauling heavy stones into place:


Front stonework nearly complete:


Front porch sill stones added:


Bluestone treads added to rear stairs:


Stone treads complete:


Measuring for front porchg bluestone floor:


Laying front porch bluesone:


Rear deck bluestone laid:


Bluestone entry stair treads:


Measuring for stone treads and landing pavers:


Main entry stair pavers laid:


Pavers on landing:


Grouting stair pavers:



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