532 Mowbray Arch

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Wrought Iron


Miscellaneous & Ornamental Metals



Fabrication in the MOM Shop

Sturdy wrought Iron rails in the works at the MOM shop:


Crawl space gate header in the works at shop:


Crawl space gate in shop:




Installing rear wall rail:


Installing front porch rails:


Finished porch rails:


Installing main entry stair handrails:


Rail detail:


Taking shape:



Spiral Fire Escape

Sections arrive from the MOM shop in Virginia Beach on flatbed truck:


Moving bottom section to rear of house:


Lifting bottom section into place:


Welding botom section to its base:


Lifting top section into place:


Top section in place:


Great lines:


Fire escape landing and porch rails added:


More great lines:


Spiral fire escape and landing:


Rear stair handrails:



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