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Superstorm Sandy

October 29, 2012

Sandy brushes the coast of Virginia and the 532 Mowbray Arch lot is half under water (see more flooding photos). Good idea the first floor of the new house has been designed to be as high as possible, while still allowing room to fit the rest of the house into the City's 35 foot max mid-roof height limit. With rising sea levels, the City of Norfolk needs to relax its antiquated building-height limits and encourage higher, more flood-resistant houses — something currently under consideration. Plus the City Code's measurement of height from the existing grade rather than from a universal elevation (such as the NAVD 1988) is blatantly unfair to the owneres of properties whose grades are lower than the grades of surrounding properties:

Hurricane Sandy






"Norfolk Houses Will Have To Rise"

More Hague Flooding Photos


Flood vents balance pressure on foundation walls during flooding:

Smart Vent



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