532 Mowbray Arch

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Warren and Associates


Pile Locations

Surveyors mark the spots where the thirty-seven piles will be driven for the deep foundation:


Double Checking

Surveyors recheck layout before construction begins:



Triple Checking

Surveyors return for final checks of pile locations to allow the structural engineers to tweak the plans, if necessary, before grade beams are installed:

Surveyors Return


Piles found to have been driven very accurately, all hitting the spot:

Piles Marked


Brick Point Survey

Surveyor mark points for brick laying:

Surveyors Return


Marking brick points around chimney:

Marking Block Points


Setting points:

Setting Brick Points


Roof Height Check

Surveyor checks on height of framed-up roof, determines that it is inches under the maximum limit:


Temporary Flood Elevation Survey

Per FEMA's flood elevation rules, the City of Norfolk had the surveyor come out again to check that the first floor was built as high as planned. We would gladly have built it higher if the City of Norfolk's #$%& Code of Ordinances had allowed us to!


Surveying for Emtry Design Change

Surveyors return again, this time to recheck layout of main entry stairs:


Setting points:


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