532 Mowbray Arch

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Construction Site Safety Measures


Temporary Fences Erected

Chesapeake Fence and Awning Co.


April 22, 2013

A chain-link is erected along the property line to protect the next-door neighbors' property from trespass by workmen. A few days later, April 28, 2013,the orange silt fence is added for erosion and sediment control. Both these fences are located on the 532 Mowbray Arch lot a few inches inside the property line:

Fences Erected


Signs, Rope, and Tape

Since it is a busy construction site and no one wants anyone to get hurt or get in the way of the work, the general contractor later added no trespassing, sidewalk closed, and no stopping signs around the site, plus yellow caution tape and yellow rope:

Sidewalk Closed

Also, when the pile driving began, blue tarps were attached to the chain-link fence to protect the neighboring property from mud splatters, etc.:

Rope and Tape


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