532 Mowbray Arch

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Pile Driving

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Pile locations:


Pile Driver Arrives

Workers guide crane across sidewalk:

Crane Arrives


Equipment fits on the site:

Pile Driving Equipment on Site


Assembling equipment. Raising the boom:

Pile Driver Erected


The lead (the part that the hammer and auger assemblies ride on) is 65 feet long. Since the lead is roughly 5 feet off the ground, the rig should be about 70 feet tall:

Pile Driver


Pile Driver on Site


Driving hammer and auger bit, side by side:

Auger Bit


Test piles marked for depth:

Test Piles


Seismic Monitoring

Engineers use monitoring equipment to check vibration levels:



Crack monitors attached to existing cracks on djacent neighbors' properties at 542 Mowbray Arch and 533 Warren Crescent — the properties of those neighbors who would allow the monitoring engineers to determine the proper placement of the devices:

Crack Monitor


Driving Test Piles

Pre-augering before pile is inserted:



Working near property line, taking care not to trespass on neighbors' property approximately 6 inches beyond fence:

Next to Line


Inserting pile into pre-augered hole:

Inserting Pile


Driving pile:

Driving Pile


Pile driven to its bearing capacity. Unused upper portion of pile tol be sawed off later:

Pile Driven


Driving Begins in Earnest

Sawing off excess pile lengths:

Sawing Piles


Removing excess lengths:

Removing Excess Pile Lengths


Cross section of a treated timber pile:

Pile Cross Section


Wider and longer auger bit attached:

Bigger Auger


Pre-augering northwest corner pile:

Pre-Augering Corner Pile


Driving northwest corner pile:

Driving corner pile:


About half the piles are in place:


Pile Driving 6-1-13


Pre-augering northeast corner pile (the tightest location):

Pre-Auger NE Corner


Driving northeast corner pile:

Driving NE Corner Pile


More piles delivered to construction site:

Piles Delivered

Piles Waiting


Positioning pile near property line:

Positioning Pile


Driving pile near line:

Driving Pile Near Line


Engineers monitoring pile driving:

Engineers Watching


Cleaning the auger bit to avoid mud splattering on neighboring property:

Cleaning Auger

Cleaning Auger


Pile driving nearly complete:

Pile Driving


Only three more piles to go:

Three Piles to Go


Last pile going in:

All piles driven to prescribed standards without any damage to neighboring properties.


532 Mowbray Arch Pile Driving

Fails to Usher in the Apocalypse!



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